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Unitree Fitness

Unitree PUMP Bundle

Unitree PUMP Bundle

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Buy 2, save £55 - Sync PUMPs together for more resistance and more exercises.

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The Unitree PUMP is an all-in-one smart pocket gym that is perfect for people who want to work out at home or on the go. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The PUMP is a motor-powered handy device so you can get a challenging workout without having to lift heavy weights. It comes with a variety of attachments that allow you to target all major muscle groups and is ideal for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced exercisers. 

- Unitree PUMP
- Storage bag
- Pull rope handle
- Door anchor attachment
- Loop Strap
- Ankle Strap
- Safety buckle
- 50 cm extension cord
- Charging cable (Type C)
- Quick start Guide

Also included is the PUMP Fitness app, which contains hundreds of different exercises and complete training plans. The setting of the PUMP (weight/resistance) and mode (eccentric/concentric/linear) is done exclusively via the app.
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Customer Reviews

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Keith Long
Perfect Travel Gym

Can’t say enough good things about the Pump. My new go to piece of kit for whenever I’m travelling. So many exercises you can do with this and the app that comes with it is also 5 star!! Small, powerful and replaces bands, cables etc. You won’t regret investing in one!!!

Brilliant Customer Service

I’ve recently bought a pump (which I love!) and had to get in contact with the company a couple of times. Nothing wrong with the product, I hastened to add. Each time I’ve emailed I’ve had a swift response from a human (which is rare these days!) and the service has been exceptional. If only other companies had such good customer service.
I’d thoroughly recommend the pump - it’s so small, easy to use and versatile. I have it out all the time so even when I can’t be bothered to exercise it’s there in front of me so I generally still do a few lifts!

Martha Hall
A lot of power for a little thing!

I was pleasantly surprised with the PUMP, the resistance is just as good gym machines and the fact that it is easily controllable via the app is really handy!! Small and compact it’s perfect for travel.


Great product! Better than expected. The feel of the resistance is good and mimics a normal cable machine. The four different resistance modes are brilliant additions and allow you to switch to eccentric/concentric/constant and chain resistance. For such a small light weight box it absolutely nails a mini portable cable machine. I bought two pump boxes along with two suction pads which work brilliantly on both wooden and tiled floors and they are game changers as they allow you anchor each pump box in whatever positions you want. Chest flys, Lateral raises, Shoulder presses, Back rows, Bicep curls, you name it, these do the absolute lot.

I love the way you can instantly and effortlessly decrease/increase the weight with a press of a button on your phone for doing drop sets.

The fact they only weigh 1.5lbs each also means you’ve literally got a mini gym to take in your suitcase when going on holiday.

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