Questions about PUMP?

What is the difference between PUMP and every other workout device I see?

The main part PUMP outperforms every other fitness device at its price range is the resistance type. Because of our robotic based technology, we can create resistance replicating free weights and other fitness equipment.

It is also smaller than other workout devices that offer similar resistance outputs.

Why does it cost so much?

The PUMP is built with technology powered by robots so you can be assured that it will last. Research and development has with patents and manufacturing costs determine the price. We even have a 12 month guarantee.

When you compare it's functionality to free weights or to a cable machine, along with it's size, it is considerably cheaper than alternatives.

What does the resistance feel like?

It can feel like however you want because of the way you can change it in the app. That being said, most of our users start by using the resistance on 'standard mode' which makes it feel exactly like a cable machine with a weight stack throughout the whole motion of each rep.

Where can I use the PUMP?

Wherever you are! With the door anchor and annular fixing belt, it means you can anchor it to doors, poles, trees, railings, walls (with the power rack), floors (with the suction cup on hard floors)and your foot to workout in your chosen space.

Questions about installing and using

How do I use multiple PUMPs simultaneously?

If you want to add a second PUMP, you can add PUMP by clicking "My Device → Display" and then clicking "+" in the upper right.

Updating the firmware will automatically update all connected updatable PUMPs

Up to 8 PUMPs can be connected and adjusted simultaneously

How do I turn it on and off

Power on confirmation method
A. Briefly press the power button first, then release your finger when you hear a beep. Then press and hold the power button for two beeps, then release to power on. (While the power is on, the light on the main unit always lights up to show the remaining battery power. Note: If you do not remove your finger immediately, it will be judged as an incorrect touch and the power will not turn on.)
B. When the power is turned on, the rope will return to its initial position. (Do not pull the rope or block the return of the rope until it returns to the initial position.)

PUMP will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity

You can also turn off the power by the following procedure "My device" → "Other" → "Power off"

How do I install and use the Suction Cups

Suction cups must be used on smooth surfaces
Suction cups must be used with locking strips
If your PUMP feels wobbly, we recommend connecting the locking strip to the pull rope clip

How many reps can it run on a full battery?

When the PUMP is fully charged, you can perform approximately 1,200 reps with a weight resistance of 10kg, or 600 reps with a resistance of 20kg.

What is the warranty of the PUMP?

We stand behind our products & services with full confidence. The Unitree PUMP is covered under a 1-year warranty.

For more information, read our terms.