How does the PUMP compare?

How does the PUMP compare?

Let’s quickly remind ourselves of the Unitree PUMP. A resistance training machine made from robotic technology that fits in your hand, with resistance (from 1 PUMP) anywhere in 2kg - 20kg throughout the whole motion of the movement. 

PUMP vs Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are often used due to being lightweight and accessible.


  • Cheap - they often cost £10 - £40 
  • Lightweight - easy to carry with you on your travels and use in gym environments
  • Easy on joints - the resistance gradually increase as you pull on the band, which is safer on your joints


  • Poor material - over time resistance bands often get overstretched and break
  • Inconsistent force - resistance bands will tell you they can give you a large resistance. It is true that they can produce resistance of sometimes 100kg, but this is only at the very top of the range, and not all the way through the whole motion. It’s often only for the last couple of centimetres of the motion (think of an elastic band)
  • Have to add them together - as each band has its own resistance, if you want to increase the weight you have to buy a new one or add them together

So resistance bands can be good for certain scenarios for certain people. The PUMP outperforms resistance bands in the areas of space, performance, and resistance. You select the precise resistance before the rep and it is that resistance for the whole motion

PUMP vs Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are free weights and provide a large range of different types of movements


  • Varied weight - you can change dumbbells for different muscles/exercises and as you get stronger
  • Free weight - free weights are great at ensuring you have good form and it means you can alter how you lift the dumbbell to maximise muscle efficiency


  • Cost - if you want a whole dumbbell rack they can get expensive. And often, you’ll buy a whole rack from 2kg - 20kg but only use a few select of them. Your cost per use of each dumbbell can be a lot
  • Space - a dumbbell rack takes up a lot of space
  • Safety - when used correctly, you should not have an issue with free weights, but if you are a beginner it may be wise to avoid lifting free weights as poor form can be dangerous
  • Gravity - you are limited by gravity. The dumbbells only provide resistance toward the ground. This is also the case for chest flys if you are lying down - it is more effective to have the resistance pushing away from the muscle, rather than always pushing down

Dumbbells can be a great way to increase your strength when training. You can use them in many different ways but if you were to buy the same amount of dumbbells within the same increments as the PUMP it will end up costing you a lot more, taking up more space, and they are definitely not portable!

PUMP vs Cable Machines?

Cable machines are large pieces of equipment with a free weight stack that you pull through a pulley system, where you can adjust the height for different movements.



  • High amount of resistance - cable machines often have a free weight stack of 70kg+ and some have pulley systems that can double this weight
  • Constant resistance - because it combines free weights and a pulley system, you select your weight, and you know for the whole motion that’s the resistance force
  • Safety - cable machines can be safer than free weights as if you drop them, it just goes back to the stack


  • Cost - due to the weight stack and large poles, they often cost upwards of £1000.
  • Space - you need a big area to have keep and use them. Even in garage gyms, it’s rare to see a cable machine that has multiple anchor points. This is why you usually see them in commercial gyms

So cable machines can be great hence why you’ll find them in the gym. For the person looking for on-the-go or home gym equipment, even if you have the money, they just aren’t feasible due to the size. The PUMP provides all the benefits of a cable machine by having resistance that replicates it (in standard mode) but is portable. The door and loop anchors means you can anchor it at different points to train different muscles in different ways.



There are so many ways to train your muscles and so many products out there that it’s hard to choose. Another way is flywheel technology, where the resistance works the same as bands but costs a huge amount more. 

Yes different types of resistance can be effective at training your muscles and each have their own pros and cons. The Unitree PUMP is the equipment that takes away the cons of these types of equipment by having constant resistance, being portable, versatile, and at a price point that won’t keep you on finance for years to come.

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